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So Much Newness

A quick post on a busy weekend so you won't miss out on all the newness. In the headlines we have a new skin release from Amacci.   I am wearing the bronze skin tone with Party 03 makeup.  Jenny comes in 12 different makeups, you can buy all separately or in a fat-pack. There are two skins per makeup with lots of optional add ons and ten lipsticks.

This is an unretouched photo of Jenny who is an extremely pretty gal. My hair and hat are new from MINA. The hat is texture change with nine colorful choices. The detailing is lovely.

Amacci group members have a special reward just out in the archives, a pumpkin version of Jenny.

Sami has been wearing Amacci skins for awhile now and sure enough she had the new gift on when I called.

Now, refocus your attention on the top photo please so that I can tell you that STaTUS will have some new poses out for the more voluptuous, hippy gals as a Moody Monday special.   The release is named  BRICK - Fluffy Avatar Poses.

And for this weekend from Cheeky Pea , the Carolina Harvest Table. Inside or out, this fun set includes optional table settings (51 prims) and lanterns. The mismatched chairs come with a variety of poses.

That's the early morning weekend round up. My sweater as you likely know by now is courtesy of AddiCt from the Seasons Hunt.

Poses by: STaTUS and the furniture


Peep Sideshow said…
That really is a lovely skin, and it suits both of you! I also received the gift and it is just beautiful :)

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