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The Pastels of Fall

Fall colors don't need to be dark, earthy tones -- the ones we most often associate with the change of seasons.
Tints can form a subtle backdrop and remind us that it is time to bring in the harvest and count our blessings. Times to rejoice, times to be thankful;  lighter neutral tones can blend with the vibrant change of the season's hues.

First up because they are SO cute -- new Slouch Boots from Aluinn. Five colors are available including a pretty lightish blue, real red, white, black (think gray) and brown (shown - think tan). The boots come in three sizes all in one pack and include a hud for fine tuning. I love the style of these. They are sure to be a favorite "go to" boot for the upcoming colder days.

Also new with a seasonal theme are these necklace and earrings made of gourds (well not real gourds as they don't grow this tiny). Find them at CONCRETE FLOWERS.

Not only can you bedeck yourself with the bounty of Mother Nature in jewelry form, there is also a new set of WEARABLE pumpkins. I, currently a prim rich gal, decided they would be more often seen if I rezzed them on my front porch. Spy them by the pumpkin and cantaloupes in the back.

Poses by: LAP Diesel Works


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