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Do You Remember - S.I.C49

Well of course you don't have to remember S.I.C49; you can simply visit. There are quite a few sims from the early days that retain their same look and flavor. S.I.C49 is one of them. I made may way through parts of my clothing folder today. Subfolders including Prim Jackets and Jeans along with lots of others. Seeing this Civilian's Court Jacket from the beginning of Mar 2009 brought back memories. Revisiting my folder of WRONG jeans did the same.

This jacket was a prize in some sort of hunt, actually a PRE-prize. Happily my original post reminds me and tells the story. I only wanted the jacket, not the HUGE gun so my work was minimal. I do remember the help from a designer, a translator and such. I also remember that Dany's shop was in New Toulouse, new then and smaller.  So many circular patterns in our lives, even the virtual ones.

My WRONG jeans arrived in April 2008. I was a VERY new blogger then and I didn't get review copies. These weren't exactly review copies either. I had featured some overalls that -- according to the designer were using stolen textures, HERS. So she sent me a full pack of jeans for comparison purposes. I was pretty much overwhelmed at the time. The hand drawn jeans still stand up to the test of time. The shop is gone now, but I remember some wonderful hunts including one looking for candy bars.

My astrologer says that there is lots of reminiscing energy in the sky these days. Well I am there. That's for sure.

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Anonymous said…

I've been trying to find out why S.I.C died, any clues?
Chic Aeon said…
I may have known at one point but lost the info. You might try the SL forums under "lost connections" maybe.

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