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Avatar: Blue Wonder

If you peruse the feeds, you may have seen mention of a German RP complex patterned after the movie Avatar. The place looked interesting, so I got out my handy dandy translator and attempted to follow the non-English breadcrumbs to the FREE avatar outfits (ones for guys too).  It was an interesting journey, but since I don't speak German and it costs 250 linden to join so that you can TP to the RP areas, I will make this a quick explanatory post. I am supposed to be working on new camera poses today. I keep getting sidetracked. Such is life in SL(R).

This pretty skin along with the warpaint (undies layers) and Atokirina (I am wearing two from two different vendors) are free in the shopping area. As you might imagine, there are many skins to choose from when buying.

Navigation is a bit problematic at the sim, purposefully so I am guessing. Here is where you are heading. You can't get there directly; you will end up at the main entrance. From there, walk into the welcoming area and to the right where there is a click through TP board.  Choose number 1 of 4 and TP to the shopping area. Then follow the beam from your original TP. The coordinates are 220, 100, 700.   This free skin is for Pandora Magic group members only.  I joined and will stick around awhile to see if there are any English notices. The information boards did say it was an international community. I would like to at least get to the RP areas. So we'll see. The warpaint and lots of other extras are in a freebie box at the Mint Condition booth.  Wander a bit as there are lots of booths, demo skins and shapes etc. I kept my own shape, but shapes were included in both free packs. I should mention that you have a choice to be HUMAN. That I am guessing is not the draw here :D.

Style notes:

Hair: House of Heart (NLA)
Skin tail, ears: Elfenground* Pandora* FREEBI, tattoos and one of the Atokirina from Mint Condition.
Outfit: hO wEAr thong and nipple covers from different outfits.

And, since I was there this morning, I'll let you know that Dawn Designs has a large collection of Avatar wear and a nice skin in the new shop. hO wEAr also has some outfits; I saw them posted a week or so ago.

So many BLUE choices.


Anonymous said…
Awesome! but your avatar's nipples are borderline scary... XD

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