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Launch Party


Don't forget there is a Launch Party for Too Sexy magazine going on. Benicia came by after a time at the wildness. There are some LOVELY gifts including an ohsocute purse with Too Sexy Mag (well, of course) and some sexy shoes. Both are from YS&YS, Since her new accessories were the correct color -- if not style -- for her pajamas (dress code for the party and supplied by Zenith as a group gift some time ago), I got this cute photo in the Diesel Works PolyWall. And Benicia is SO smart, she found additional colors that I had missed in the menu. That works.

This silky set is a gift from Seldom Blue. There are some satiny purple boxers for the guys.

So stop on by and join in the fun. It must be wild over there as I see LOTS of green dots on the map. There is an alternate location with fewer folks HERE, if you aren't into crowds.

You can pick up a magazine kiosk for your shop if you like while you are visiting.


My previous post on this event is here.

Benicia's hair is by JUNWAVE and is called Marie. I don't want to get whipped in group for not mentioning hair :D.


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