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There are often too many goodbyes in life. Today I am saying goodbye to Beach Cay. It has been a wonderful adventure here in the tropics. I have enjoyed my time immensely. This is my last moonlight photo shoot amidst the crashing waves -- a fitting setting for this new dramatic skin from !Skin Within named Droe Exotica. The skin premiered at the "Rezzable: The Future is Now" event that kicked of on Sunday and will continue for 3 weeks.

The cool blue body of the skin is fairly monotone. Shiny blue nails form a nice accent and there are built in pasties -- or perhaps cyber nipples  -- which I appreciated. I often lose things in my inventory. Some gifts, prizes and even purchases I use often; others I keep because they are lovely and I may need them again. Last night as I was working on an outfit for Droe I found this lovely swimsuit from {CIPRIA COUTURE}.  I have no idea how or when it found its way into my closet, but it was perfect!

The oranges and blues echo the colors of the dramatic makeup. The Lilith Copper Champagne earrings were made by Lilith Moriarty. Since there is no store listed in her profile, I am guessing these are from long ago also. Even I hold onto lovely things.

This skin was a review copy.

Hair by !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! 

Poses by LAP.

This is the second !Skin Within release from The Future is Now. It didn't work as well for me as the blue skin, but it might be perfect for YOU! 

That is the wonderful thing about life. We can celebrate our individuality in so many ways. 

For anyone interested in a lovely quarter homestead sim, I'll be leaving Friday afternoon SL time. The estate owner is Chaos Ametza of  Omega Group Properties (tier office is here). The sim always runs well with three reboots each week and Chaos is easily the best landlord I have had in SL.  The tier is $1999 a week. The rocks, waves and one of a kind cliffs --  gifts of previous owners --  are all staying,  along with some starfish and palms.  I would be happy to leave my shop to anyone that would like to use it. Just contact me before Friday noon and you can buy the land for a linden.

Baubles and PhotoGraphique are both moving to the mainland for a bit. It was so much fun having some of my favorite things out for use for awhile, but I really don't need all this space.  Memories are good, though, so I'll be taking more photos today for my Flickr account. It is always nice to have a record of where we have been.


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