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A gazillion hunts are happening in February, most of them love (or hate) themed. I am pretty busy these days, most likely too busy to do many of them. I will definitely be watching other blogs for good looking items to search for though. With so many  February hunts to choose from, it seemed like a good idea to check out some of  my favorite hunt stops from other times. At the top of my list was Julia's. The official title is Julia's Collection Unique Furniture. It is a Victorian - Steam shop with some of my favorite themed furniture.

I found three hunt signs as well as a GIANT black cat (Greenie I think) on my arrival. And yes, Julia's will be in a February hunt. But the big, Big, BIG news is that there is a Steam Hunt 2 coming in March.  Woot! Woot! Woot!

Since I was at Julia's I took a quick trip upstairs to photography the intricately detailed kitchen that I spied in December. I had plans to go back for a photo shoot, but that didn't happen. So, here you go. I love it!  I have no place for it at the moment. My shops are doing very well but I am in studio only mode. Still, I have my super cute house from the last Steam Hunt and who knows what I will find this time out. Eventually I will get it all together. The time will be right and serendipity will come into play. A slot will appear in a steam community -- it will be so. Until then, storage is practical in our virtual world. 

OK, you may not be a Victorian, Steam, Tesla fan, but I am; the first Steam Hunt was definitely one of my most fun times. It doesn't start until March, and even though I have many events on my calendar at the moment, I will be counting the days. A second hunt that I am very interested in personally is the Builder's Hunt which also starts at the beginning of March. Its official title is the Building Blocks Gridwide Hunt.

Since I was now dressed in steampunk gear (sorry, no longer available), I zipped over to Builder's Brewery who was in the last Steam Hunt and who also might be (keeping fingers crossed) in the Building Blocks Hunt. I didn't find any signs, but since the hunts don't start for a month, I'll keep hoping. What I did find was a poster for somthing happening in FEBRUARY!

Frank Lloyd Wright USONIAN Buildoff


The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum of Second Life is holding a FLW inspired Build-Off! It’s a fun competition to see who can create the most functional and appealing building within the parameters of the USONIAN ideals of Frank Lloyd Wright. The building event will take place from Friday, Feb. 5, 6:30 SLT to Sunday, Feb 7, 6 PM SLT, on a special ‘build-off’ sim.

Your magic carpet ride to the build-off sim will await you at the Breeze.

* Deadline for entry is Feb 3 at 6pm SLT. Builders are accepted on a first come bases until all slots are filled, so apply early to insure that you get into the competition.

* Drop a notecard with your full SL name (check spelling twice) and whether you are a Pro or Novice contender (see the criteria, below) to FrankLloyd Zepp <

* A 500L donation for registration goes directly to the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum of SL, paid to FrankLloyd Zepp.

* Upon registering, you will receive a note acknowledging your entry and donation (thank you) and again the specifics in regards to the FLWM of SL Build-Off.

-== Rules ==-

* Competition opens at 6:30PM SLT Friday FEB. 5th and ends at 6 PM Sunday FEB. 7th.  Judging take place 6PM SLT Sunday night to noon Monday SLT; Scoring from 12-6 Monday

The Awards Gala will be held Mon 7 - 9pm at the Build-off site, so that people may tour the buildings.

* There will be marked off areas, all the same size when you arrive at the event on the FLWM sim, Red lines for Pros Yellow for Novices – look for your name on the plot signs.

* You’re a Pro (red) if you’ve been selling builds on Xstreet or inworld for 3 months or longer, opt in if you feel you’re in this league.

* You’re a Novice (yellow) if you haven’t.

* Pros bring along your sign: one prim - no larger than 2m x 2m x .025m.

USONIAN build off starting point will be here according to the LM given.

That's my intel of the morning. I am thrilled.  There are also building classes at Builder's Brewery. There was one going on today it seems when I arrived.

Style notes:

Hair by Maitreya, is Piper II. Outfit from Burning life and hunts and no longer available to my knowledge.


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