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Disco Green - JFTG

The middle section of the JFTG Hunt gets mixed reviews -- both from Wonder and other hunters he met along the way. On the plus side, there are some super prizes. On the minus side?  Hats that have been hidden so trickily and so far away from the landing point and signs that the exercise ventures into "let's make the hunters suffer" territory.

So, once again, to any store owners reading this post, please think about the people that FOLLOW you in the hunt. Not everyone knows there are hints. Some spend an hour or more looking for your prize and only come away with grouchiness in their hearts. The next hunt I am in, Music for The Soul (M4TS), has a 20 meter from the landing point or sign rule. I'm guessing some folks will break that rule, but hopefully the majority will keep to the spirit of giving.

When Wonder showed up in this shiny open shirted outfit, I had to smile. Instantly I was back in Disco mode. I even looked up Lounge Lizard at wikipedia to find it had been a descriptive handle since 1917. Who knew?

We needed a disco club and this time search didn't fail me. We had fun trying out poses. This one is from Dare Designs and the following from LAP.

Wonder's outfit is from *Prodigal* (#44) and yes it was one of the hats from hell. Wonder spent a long time in the tiny shop looking behind everything. Since the items in the shop looked very nice, he wanted to find that hat :D.  Eventually he used an old hunter's trick of turning on wireframe (Ctrl + Shift +R toggles it on and off) and turning down the draw distance.

THEN he found the hat. Not actually in the shop and very difficult to click on even when you find it, the owner flunks my friendliness rating. I went over for an inspection before I wrote these words, so I know where it is. If you really want this and can't find it, send me an IM.

For new readers and especially those reading on the feeds, you can click ANY photo in ANY of my posts and get a giant, high resolution picture. I'm guessing not everyone is intuitive and I probably don't mention that often enough.

A truly great prize if you have some land and 23 available prims is this hammock from  BeanTown Creations (#40).  It comes complete with wine and strawberries, book and candle. Super romantic it includes single poses for both guys and gals. It also automatically puts you in a couple's pose if there are two of you and uses the /1a adjustment for fine tuning. It seems to remember your pose and placement. This is one of the nicest I have seen and while it uses some props from others, it is definitely put together well. This morning we discovered that the posts are texture change. I'm going to head over and get my very own in just a bit.  There is also a nice house on the midnight board I hear, so check that out if you get to the shop.

Wonder is wearing some of the jewelry set from  Twisted & Spoiled (#35). My outfit hales from *Solange!* and is named Missy (review copy).  I really love this. I don't do "cute" well, but this young and sassy fits my personality. The textures are gorgeous as always and while the top and skirt go together perfectly, they are also mix and matchable.  The skirt moves gracefully and it is those tiny touches that count in my book. I added some old and favorite socks from *SHOP SEU* and a pair of clogs from DUH! and I was set. My necklace is both antique and NLA :D.  My hair is = Hal*Hina = [sepia mesh] Hair -Kate-.

The MM prize at BeanTown  Creations - 125 slaps

So that's today's news. Unless things change, some of the gals and I are heading to Paris this afternoon. That should be fun.

PS.  My Peace On Earth Hunt globe is now sitting on the fireplace in my shop. So if you need a mediation area (cabana or skybox) with mat, candle, sand garden etc., stop on by and pick it up. No hunting required.


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