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A very good day for me with lots accomplished on the camera poses as well as many smiles. I have a couple of fun posts in the works. More on that tomorrow.

MEANWHILE and with no names mentioned, here is the question. "Is it a good idea to offer the very same designs  for several hundreds of dollars just a day or two after you gave them away to hundreds (or perhaps more)  folks?" 

I'm having a bit of a quandary with the concept. Sure, the people that buy the "new release" items presumably missed out on the freebies, but wouldn't it be more fair (and a better business practice)  to offer a recolor of a prerelease item for free and then sell a basic color as the new item?  It takes so little time to do that extra work and if people like the blue or pink version, they might purchase the black or brown or ecru style.

I would not feel good about charging big bucks for the exact same thing I previously gave away. A year later? Sure. Not an issue.

That's just my opinon of course and some late night musings.


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