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Not Such a Secret

I was reading SL Secrets this morning. I seldom know the stories behind the words, but some are clever and some have interesting typography. One of the "secrets" this week mentioned bloggers not blogging the same thing over and over again. This has been mentioned often in other blogs (even often by me over the years) and I doubt the trend will change.

But here's a correlated thought. What about the designers that send out review copies to so many folks that the feeds get filled with that item? It is one thing if bloggers choose to show the same group gift that went out to thousands of folks. It is another if they were given something so fantastic that they feel the need to feature the item. Sure, they may know that ten other folks have shown it during the last week. But if the review copy was impressive (and often expensive) and if they LIKE the designer, they may feel compelled to post anyway.

Some designers send out different samples to various bloggers -- or at least stagger and mix up the review copies so that the same things aren't shown a dozen times in one week. This is a VERY GOOD plan.

Let's not totally blame the bloggers for showing the same things. Sometimes? Sure. Hair fair is a prime example (yawn).  But sometimes they are merely trying not to ignore a lovely gift from a nice person. Designers, you can help us out by sprinkling your goodies around and about and not sending them all out at one time. Send a few. See who features you. Send others (different colors, styles, items) to another group if you will. It is a bit more work, but readers will most likely pay more attention to your items when they haven't just seen them the page before on the feeds :D.

And, as I have said before -- if you have to show off something that everyone else has blogged because you love it too?  Show us your STYLE, not just the item out of the box on a white background.

Go forth. Find something new. Have fun!


Kilolo Jenkins said…
Have I told you today that I <3 you?


And yes...I'm guilty of posting from the same place often...totally working on that myself. *nods emphatically* THANK YOU
TeSa said…
I agree! I really don't see what the big deal is anyway, I mean I don't read the feed like hourly or even claim to catch everything that passes through, if I see the same thing blogged more than once..BFD! I just move along, how hard is that? Plus maybe that 2nd blog or 3rd of that item, is the first to some? I really think there are so many worse things going on then an item being blogged more then once. I mean, I get it, I know there is a point where OMG, but really how often does that happen?

LOL So not what I planned on commenting, was just going to praise the don't always blame the bloggers but I guess that evolved.
Anonymous said…
Nice point of view, Chic. I love and agree with you. Now I have new idea about my blog and I think I am creative lol. At least, I don't used white background. :) Your view truely inspired me!

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