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Back to the 70s - Summerland

 Jabberwocky is no more, but never fear -- your landmarks to ANA_MATIONS still work. It might be a bit of a hard landing, but you will get to the newly remodeled home, now named Summerland. It is a new build and a new theme with nostalgia in mind. The grand opening is tomorrow, but I ventured over this afternoon. I like my alone time. I like to wander by myself and enjoy the ambiance in quiet solitude.

There is plenty to see in Summerland. The familiar animations are still available with singles now hosted in lilypad vendors on a quiet pond. There is a new (I think) store with mouthwear and BBW shapes, a retro house with furnishing you can purchase and probably plenty of places I missed on my first visit.

My favorite spot is the drive in. The screen can and will host real movies, the cars complete with blankets and popcorn are available for comfy watching. TP boards let you move around the sim easily if not always smoothly (thank you SL(R)) or you can simply follow the paths. There are shops for rent and some new building going on that may be larger storefronts. All in all this is a fun place to visit and it is REZ FRIENDLY with a five minute return. Fashion bloggers take note :D.

click those pics for larger versions!

Style Notes:

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Jane Short Beige MHBTD Hunt
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/br) dec VIP gift
Clothing: *Solange!* Missy sweater in black and Missy skirt in brown; CONCRETE FLOWERS- NEWSPAPER VEST-daily mirror; (Shiny Things) short  nubby socks - black
Shoes: MK Super Sneaks Wedge V1.2
Accessories: .:T2T:. April Wood Bead Necklace and earring set

From the press release:

Motivated for change, and encompassing inspirations like the classic 1970's children's show, The Electric Company,  Wiccan heaven, and the late 70's as she remembers them, ANA_Mations creator Surrealia Anatine rebuilt her entire Sim over the past few weeks, created a whole new line of products, including pre-fabs, furniture with exclusive animations, not to mention recent releases of rollerskates and pose sets!

To celebrate the Grand Opening of Summerland, the redesigned home of ANA_Mations in its classic 70's glory, we're throwing a massive Disco Dance Party, to be followed by a night at the Drive-In, featuring Boogie Nights (, and of course a massive 50% off sale on almost everything!

There are far too many features and fun details on the new Summerland, you'll just have to see it to believe it!

Date: January 10th, 12pm SLT
Location: Summerland (123, 184, 81)

Dress: Your disco finest, of course! ;-)


• 12-4pm SLT - Disco Dance Party with DJ Elle Kirshner
• 7pm SLT - Boogie Nights at the Drive-In!
• SALE!  Selected items will be 50% off for one day and one day only!


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