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Sightseeing - Paris

I love exploring but I enjoy exploring with a camera even more. When I took a RL trip to Morocco I spent much of my time behind a camera lens. Others shopped; I took photos from odd angles trying to capture the places I saw. Did I see a different Morocco? Most likely.

This is Paris, the virtual version that spans five sims. It is a fairly bustling place at times. Paragliding off the Eiffel Tower seems a popular sport. Trolley rides and a Ferris Wheel let you experience the city from different perspectives.

I hadn't been out with my gal friends much of late. Holiday seasons sometimes bring us together and sometimes leave us with little extra time. So, when greeted with two gals in new duds, I invited them over to the City of Lights to hang out and take some photos.

Divine is wearing a top from the  PARADISIS Midnight Mania board called Streets Girl In Red. It is billed as a dress, but worn here as a tunic. It comes with lots of layers and includes a built in bra as one choice. You do need to go with some sort of undergarment (here and old one from Magika) or your PG rating will be thrown out *wink*. My favorite part of the outfit is the fantastic necklace and bracelet. So pretty, they do have a bit of a Paris street walker feel to them.

Xia is wearing a holiday group gift from Baiastice called the Nostalgic Blue-dress. She added some gloves and collar from (PixelDolls); Bella in  Black was a group gift some time ago if she remembers correctly. Together they make an updated dress with a Victorian flare.

For my outfit credits see this post. My camera with poses is available at PhotoGraphique.


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