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Homespun Memories

There's a new shop in town. It opens officially on Saturday, January 23rd with freebies and jazz. Homespun is inspired by the Depression Era and the decade following, It features products and a shopping environment that reflects the simplicity and utilitarian qualities of the 1930s and 40s eras.

I don't often feature items these days that aren't my personal style. But I was impressed with the vision of the project as well as the execution of the designs. And, I have to admit, Posy Trudeau won me over with a giant cherry pie and the suitcase in the first photo. I can't remember a more inventive blogger review pack. The outfits came in the super cute suitcase. Touch to open; it was filled with the clothing items -- not in boxes mind you, but in replicas of the the items. So the socks were a tiny blue wad of fabric, the jeans neatly folded jeans -- and the list went on.

The first photo is an outfit for the guys, but you know me -- I'm a tomboy at heart. I added a vintage vest from Concrete Flowers and I look pretty dapper methinks. All the other clothing items are from Homespun, even the shoes.

The Depression years were hard on the United States. I remember stories of my female relatives traveling across country, heading for the promised land of California. All three (great-grandmother, grandmother and my mother) slept in the car. I think it was a big DeSoto. It must have been black as almost all automobiles where back then. They sold homemade cockroach powder door to door to make money to continue onward. The poison came in tins, not boxes and had my great grandmother's photo on the lid.

I doubt any of us in SL lived through those times, but many of us have heard stories. They were difficult years, but not necessarily bad ones. Homespun endeavors to remind us that simple pleasures are often the best.

Style notes:

Hair: #1 Amacci Hair Morgan ~Warm Red (includes hat)  ; #2 >TRUTH< Amy Jane - Mahogany

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 6/br) dec VIP gift

Clothing: Homespun (review copies) ; CONCRETE FLOWERS- NEWSPAPER VEST

Shoes: Homespun
Accessories: Homespun


Posy Trudeau said…
Thank you so much for the lovely post... you captured the spirit of Homespun perfectly! <3 Posy
Dyanna Clarrington said…
Thank you so much for taking the time to post about this! I LOVE the '30s & '40s look! And we've been looking for something more casual! So excited by Homespun's opening!

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