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The Power of Word

Magick. Power.


The word moves beyond the page, into our hearts, into our souls. And we carry its message to the world.

Ideas are the most powerful magic of all.

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Whether you believe in magic in any of its forms or spellings, (* Sourceress "Power of Word" from  (*chanimations is breathtaking. Poses, props and stellar lighting effects combine to make this one of the most dramatic "scenes" I have found. Whether you are a serious practitioner or a role play enthusiast, it is bound to please. At only 34 prims, it is a great value. /1a adjustments are built in but most likely not needed for average sized avatars.

From the info notecard:

The floor-pentagram is surrounded by sculpted books, skulls and candles. The candles are created with digitally drawn particle flames - no transparency halos or unreal-looking fire but exactly that flickering you'd expect to see! Along with the change of poses, the prims of the spell are animated and will add the extra magic to your photoshooting or roleplay experience.

Beyond that, depending on your personal taste or light surrounding, you have the following additional options when clicking the open book that lies outside of the pentagram circle:
 • turn glow and lighting effects of the base on/off
 • add particles to the spellcasting, or turn them back off
 • show or hide the outer magic sphere surrounding your character in the final pose states
 • set permissions who may access the above mentioned options to anyone, group, or owner only. - Default on rez is set to OWNER ONLY.
Please keep in mind: To see glow and light, it requires for at least 'basic shaders' and 'nearby local lights' being enabled in preferences - 'at least' cause Windlight is obviously more picture taking fun ;-) )

Style notes:

Hair: EXXESS SCORPIO - black
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/bl) dec VIP gift
Clothing: hO wEAr Mystic of the Realm
Shoes: BAX Prestige boots

Prop: (* Sourceress "Power of Word" from  (*chanimations (review copy)


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