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New Woods at Baubles

There are so many times that I just want a plain bangle. Nothing fancy really -- polished woods suit me fine. So with that in mind, I made a set of simple bangles called Everyday Wood Bangles. They come in ironwood, blonde, walnut and burl. Two coordinating styles feature metal and stones. The complete set of six styles, both left and right attachment points is $30. They are mod - copy and contain a resize script, so you can make them your own. Find them at the NEW Baubles store.

The bangles are also available in four sets. The plain bangles come two to a set ($10) and the trimmed bangles are available as singles, also $10.

Not every gal wants shiny expensive gemstones, some of us are very happy with Wooden Diamonds. These new earrings are available in colors to match the Everyday Wood Bangles. These eye-catching casuals sell for $25 each color or $75 for the fatpack of four.

The earrings are sculpty and have silver detailing to accent the fine woods. They are pierced with posts and backings.  Click the photo for as slightly  larger view. 

I'll be leaving my current home / studio / shop at the end of the week so be sure you go to the new Baubles store. I am not adding new releases to the stock at Beach Cay.


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