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Mardi in New Orleans

If it is Tuesday -- and February -- and Bourbon Street; it must be Mardi Gras!  Well it will be. You still have a bit of time to collect tons -- and I do mean TONS of great Mardi Gras accessories and clothes from deviousMind: (*chanimations (adult sim). Beads and masks, top hat and cane, a corset set, pasties -- and a TAIL. I love the tail. It must be the show off in me *wink*.  Not all the prizes are out yet, so this is a sneak peak at what you will find in the lucky bondage cross (yep, ya gotta love it).  Hop on when your lucky letter comes up and you could win some great items. Edit: See from the comments that there are actually FIVE lucky chairs (that don't look like chairs) around the area to check. So getting LOTS of the parts to play with will be easier than I thought. See ya at Mardi Gras.

I could have tried to show you ALL the goodies that will be appearing, but where's the fun in that?  Just check in every day or two and be happily surprised. The new items are being added a bit at a time. You can wear the accessories with many of the outfits on the wall -- including some new ones just being released and have a superb, if scanty, Mardi Gras outfit.

There are actually two lucky "chairs" to watch. The other one is HERE by the elephants and circus tent. If you are practiced cammer, you can watch both at the same time. Ah, we are SO tricky. TP your friends in and get outfits for the celebration and  parades here at Fat Tuesday. Pick up a notecard from any of the tri colored street signs and see how you can participate.

OOPS!   The signs that are still at this sim are from 2009. I guess it never dawned on me (at 3 AM my time) that year old signs about events would still be up and VERY prominent all over the town -- or perhaps I got the only one that didn't get changed out *wink*. The owner wrote and alerted me. So don't plan on this happening. 

From the sim owner:

 "Mardis Gras this year will donate to the Haiti Relief Fund
 and will run across the 13th, 14th and 16th of Feb."

Here is the most up to date info that I have:

Fat Tuesday, the finest reproduction of New Orleans is having Mardis Gras February 13, 14, and 16, 2010.
We invite interested groups to enter a float in the parade.
We invite individuals or groups to walk in the parade, or ride their horse, unicycles or almost anything.
BATON TWIRLERS wanted. Batons and costumes provided free

Prize money to be won for best  3 in 2 categories.
Please send a note card to Emerson Vhargon, with MG + group or individual name in title for more information and details

Live performers and DJ on Sat. Masquerade ball on Sunday. Live performers on Fat Tuesday
Parades al three days

Volunteers also needed
Thank you for your interest.

Contact Emerson Vhargon for more info.

Here are the bullet points:

February 21- 24th, 2009 Charitable event benefiting the musicians of New Orleans! MARDI GRAS!! Fat Tuesday, Second Life's most realistic New Orleans French Quarter, will be home to the best Mardi Gras celebration in SL.  We are planning four days of festivities with parades running every 4 hours from 6am to 10pm SLT on Saturday Feb 21 & 6am to 6pm Sunday Feb 22nd, followed by a Masquerade Ball .

There will be music and dancing in the street all 4 days and the proceeds go to support New Orleans Habitat for Humanity, Musician's Village.

Style Notes:

Hair: Amacci Hair Adena ~ Sunkissed Tipped Blonde
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 6/br) dec VIP gift
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots White Leather 2010

Poses by LAP from the Jazz Hands set.


Chandra said…
LOVE the pictures, and thanks for all the infos about the Mardi Gras event!! saves so much time to read it here than hunt info down inworld :-D

btw, about the lucky 'chairs': there's 5 out by now :-D you'll find a posterboard right at the TP point now too that tells about the locations when clicking it. Seems some of the chairs are that well 'disguised' that you didn't find them :-D

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