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Innsmouth - JFTG

I have been wanting to get over to Innsmouth for some time. All I really knew about it was that it had a village of clapboard houses and that it rained a lot. I was pleasantly surprised to find an immersive build filled with wonderful details and great atmosphere.  The about land tab bills the sim as a New England Coastal Town 1930. "Lovecraft, vintage, horror, lighthouse, Chtulhu, Dagon, sewers, cannery, opera, movie house, swamp" are the keywords.

Happily for me, Wonder completed the first third of the Just For the Guys Hunt using an official hunt list and links. He wrote to say he had lots of photogenic finds. I clapped. We were both happy. There was vintage wear along with plenty of jeans and shirts and other manly garb. Innsmouth became our destination of the afternoon.

A typical SL Sunday, there were some issues with prims not being found in the database, but we were having so much fun exploring, it didn't matter much. Wonder has pledged to finish the hunt and advises folks to use the hints as hats can change color and size and he would never have found some of them without a helping hand. Some he still didn't find. It looks like a good hunt and we like those. Most items ARE pretty much "for the guys", but a few look like crossover possibilities.

Outfit Credits:

Top: BlakOpal Designs
Middle: *Mire*
Bottom: BeReal

I used the Windlight setting for Babbage from my Windlight settings.


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