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Belts and Watches and Shoes - Oh My!

The Shoes and Accessories Hunt started today. Accessories are definitely one of my favorite things to hunt, so off I went this morning in search of goodies. I started my personal hunt about a third of the way along the train. Since lots of hunters are of the sequential Point A to Point B mindset, I guessed that I would miss the crowds and perhaps show you items others hadn't reached yet. Ah, I am sly sometimes.

I am happy to report that there are lots of great things as well as a bunch of stores not in the hunt circuits. Yeah!

  • I kept more items than usual.
  • There were plenty of items for the Y chromosome bunch.
  • There is a SLURL list with hints on the official blog.

I didn't find all the items between 65 and 87. A few eluded me and one wasn't set for sale yet. First days are like that and it is likely that not all prizes are available right now. But, I have a few favorite things to show you. Since they ARE accessories and some are very small, you will need to do some hunting on your own to see them up close and personal.

Meanwhile, click on the photos here to get large high rez versions.

Wonder is wearing some great boots by Nardcotix (#85). These only work for guys as they are no mod, but never fear ladies there are some SUPER heels in another prize vendor just for you. His belt is from Relentless Unknown #67.  It is mod and works for both guys and gals.  Our "cigarettes" are from Djinn and Tonic #82 and are SO fun.  You get both a $20 and a $50 bill rolled up and smokin'!

On him:

Hair: Rock Candy *RC* Rockstar Hair (Jet)
Skin:  -Belleza- Jonas deep tan 1 (hair) (chest hair); Kanival Tattoo .Grunge Mania
Clothing: RAWR Revolution [Ripped&Rolled][S.O.S Black]
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Claudio Boot Black (hunt)
Accessories: Djinn and Tonic [Omnomoney $50]; Relentless Unknown ~RU~ Carabiner Belt

My outfit above includes some fantastic boots from  MEB #86. My belt which which boasts lovely textures and details to the max is from Ducknipple # 65. I also have a really nice manish watch from DCCXXIII pocket and wristwatch #68, It comes in various sizes and attachement points and is also mod so you can definitely get that perfect fit.

On me:

Hair: Bryce ~ Saul - Blacks - Ink
Skin:[]::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/bl) dec VIP gift **; KANIVAL TATTOO **  89.Paisley  (dark) and WWI Snowflakes on my LashesClothing: Solange BLACK Missy Scoop Neck Top; Source : LE.LOOK! la femme - Leggings
Shoes: MEB : SUEDE & STUDS BROWN BOOT; Ducknipple Viking Belt - Brown
Accessories: Djinn and Tonic [Omnomoney $50]; DCCXXIII W17A on hand Lsize

These are just a few of the great things I found. So get out there and hunt. Don't forget the hints on the official blog. The hunt prizes are one prim textures on a flat prim so the wireframe trick won't help you with this hunt :D.

Poses by LAP!


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