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Snow Dreams - IDIA

When I was at the boxcars yesterday, I did some checking on the builder and found more great places to explore. This is The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart. It is a snowy place. Empty. Serene. A small cosy cabin welcomes you from out in the cold.

 What does a well dressed gal wear in the snow? Well snow shoes of course. These are the current group gift from MIEL . Just click on the Subscribo if you are not part of the list.

They are simply gorgeous with color change sock tops and an optional set for real snowshoeing. Dove of LAP made the animation and it is superb.

They resize for GUYS too.

Walking in the snow, on the beach or in the sage have much in common. You have time to visit with the land and let your daily worries flow away.

When I visited yesterday I was given an attachment that makes the sound of snow crunching under my feet. An onscreen compass was supplied as well. Those things didn't appear today so I guess I was labeled a return visitor :D.

I see that the snow sound removed one leg warmer so choosing between fashion and an immersive experience is required. 

My great hat is from Agent Orange, home of all things quirky and fun. Luckily I remembered a note about it being the prize in a hunt. Look for a hat to get a hat. How fun. The photo with the announcement didn't do it justice. It is gorgeous!  You can almost touch the textures.

And if you care to click on the bed and dream you become part of the dream. This IS art you know!

You can read more about the projects at

Style Notes:

Hair: sf designs hat hair
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/br) dec VIP gift
Clothing: *Solange!* Winter Wool brown T-Neck (review copy); CONCRETE FLOWERS- Wishmas Leggins; *Henusaki*Love*Creations*! legwarmers
Accessories: Agent Orange_Winter Hat (hunt gift), miel : LE.LOOK! l'homme - Scarf ; ..:Pelletteria Morrisey:. POE2 Hunt Gift Inuit Mitten L (today is the LAST day of the hunt)


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