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One For the New Kids

I seem to be in a philosophical mood today. So be it.

Here is one for the new kids on the block.

First off, we were all new once. Secondly, you opinions DO count.

Even if you are a new SL blogger,  a new SL fashion blogger or even new to SL on all fronts, you presumably have a real life with real experiences, likes and dislikes and all that goes along with life.

Long ago and far away in blogger time (a bit over 2 years ago if I recall correctly), I made the "mistake" of negatively reporting on a hunt. Very few of you will remember that, but I do. In retrospect, the hunt was mostly not to my taste. But in my defense, at least one of the prizes had floating text advertising the store on a NO MOD "doll" (supremely tacky), another had seams that didn't come close to matching -- you get the idea. All in all it was not a great hunt.

I was new and I was both attacked and stood up for (thank you Gogo and a few other souls). Back then, you never said anything negative about give away items. The general consensus was that the designers would get mad and never give away items again. Well, obviously, that wasn't true *wink*.

Edited out a paragraph here as earlier information appears to be incorrect :D. Oh well.

My point of the evening is that those of you that are new, may indeed have things to learn. That doesn't mean you opinions are any less relevant than those of  the oldtimers. You may not get a lot of review items at the moment. You may have to hunt and scrape and scratch for things to blog.  I am guessing that we all did at one time. So, keep working at it. Try and find your niche, your style, your voice.

Above all, do what pleases you -- in your own way  -- and NEVER let anyone tell you that you don't matter.

Because you do!


Nissa Nightfire said…
a terrific reminder, Chic :) I think I remember the post of which you speak ... and I am glad you stuck it out ... you've done some amazing work, and it is so fun to watch the direction you've taken in finding your own voice :) And I think after 2 years, I'm finally not feeling like such a noob anymore myself~
Chic Aeon said…
Yep, you would be one to remember :D. A lot of folks have disappeared from that time. Glad you are still around!

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