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Music Man - or Gal

There are some truly great gifts / prizes out at Satoko Instruments. I spent quite awhile over there with some very friendly folks today. There are two lovely violins to find in a hunt. This is one. The other is pink with roses. It took me awhile to find them as the store and surroundings are fairly large. They ARE out in the open, however; no sneaky hiding or anything. Just me not being the best hunter.

Update: It is 5 AM SL time and the hunt vendors are still out there! Yeah! Also a crowd at the lucky chairs.

They come with a hud that takes a bit of trial and error to work out. Then all is well. There are also instructions in a notecard on how to upload and install your own music. The violin comes with a piano hud keyboard that I am still not too sure about. Some of you may be a bit more clever than I-used-to-be-techie me.

When you wear the violin, it attaches to your back. There are two sizes (male and female) and I, being a somewhat tall gal used the guy version. The straps didn't work well for me so I just scooted them into my body. I didn't check to see if they were modify, but that could be an option. When you click on the case it opens and then you can tap on the violin to attach it to your shoulder. A few editing skills are needed -- or at least were important in my case -- so that you look like you are actually playing. But if you are used to adjusting other prim accessories it should be no problem

The violins are on the wall and sell for $800 linden each, so a bit of hunting is definitely worth your while.

There is also a GREAT harmonica in the lucky chair (actually what I went over to try for) as well as an organ. I didn't win the organ but Benicia did and she owes me since I TPed her over. So another day I will give you the info on those fun products. Meanwhile I decided I better post this so that I wouldn't be wearing the same outfit through Monday *wink*.

The hair in these photos is from Alli and Ali (I'm leaving out the "and" sign as Blogger SO doesn't like that). It is called Stevie and you can get a blond version by the voting board in the shop, a brown version as a group gift, and THIS color for a linden on Xstreet. It is lovely and soft and flows very nicely. The hair is flat enough on top to be perfect for hats. So -- I added one of course with nice coordinating teal accents. We always need hair for hats!

Thanks to Schnaeppchen's blog for the heads up on the musical instruments. Hurry, as you have until the 24th. See the official site for more info. Since the hunt time is on the Japanese hour, it may already be over. It is a little vague on the time. There is no mention of taking the great prizes out of the lucky chairs, though, so stop on over and see what you can find. The harmonica is WAY cool.

Style notes:

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 6/br) dec VIP gift
Clothing: .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. x Trashy Victorian Dol; RFyre BanSidhe Mens Striped Black Pants (former guy hunt item)
Accessories: Hatpins Lady Endora Top hat


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