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A Photographer's Journey

There is something very rewarding for me in the photographer's journey. It may be finding beautiful and interesting spots to share, it may be adjusting the light to fit the mood of my theme. Whatever the draw, I do like having my camera with me. When I made it a month or so ago, I planned to make some poses. Props are fairly useless without the right turns and twists of our bodies to show them off.

I've spent the last two days working on a pose pack. It was fun. I worked hard. I am very happy with the results. I had a few aims in mind when I began the process. First, I wanted poses that worked for me, that mirrored the experiences I have had in the real world. Finding the shots, getting the angles, and even simply resting after a long and fun day of photography. I also wanted poses that would work not only for me, but for the folks that had purchased my camera -- or actually ANY camera. Sharing is good. I also noted that some of the fellows that bought my camera were thrilled there were poses that worked for them. So another check box on my list was poses that were unisex for the most part.

Since all of us that take photos for our blogs know how problematic those odd body twists in poses can be -- you know the ones that have shoulder blades popping up where they never really could or hands pretty much cut in half at the wrist -- I definitely didn't want those included in my poses. So, I've been living in a bra top, tight pants and tall boots for most of the last two days as I tried out poses. I also had them tested by two friends, one 5 foot 3 and one at 6 foot 5. With all that, I hope that they work for almost everyone. A couple might need to be in pose balls as I chose to have taller folks float a bit rather than have tiny Xia be buried in the ground if she turned on a ground pose *wink*.

That's my creative journey.

My locale for this post is The Lost World in Beguile.  I saw a photo essay on the feed the other night that looked quite lovely. It seemed like a good spot to try out my new poses. It is an interesting place with some pros and cons. Pro? NO autoreturn. Woot!  Be neat of course, but you don't have to worry about objects going back into inventory unexpectedly. The bad?  The lag was awful, truly awful. At one point the ground was shaking and the ruins moving like an earthquake. Considering the name of the spot, that may be planned and not SL just being persnickety. A fellow traveler caught up with me at the end of my shoot for a chat. I could barely type to her. Another day might be better, so I'll keep it on my list.

Style notes:

Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Kissy Kissy - Ginger
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 6/br) dec VIP gift
Clothing: *Solange!* Mademoiselle in Green
Shoes: [Decoy] Jully Boots - Ivory

Single poses as well as a pose fatpack are available at Photographique. Be sure and try the poses out before purchasing and if you already have my camera, the poses that come with the camera are in the single vendor also. I have named them "comeswithcamera ..." so that is a pretty big hint, but don't buy them as you already have those three :D.


Miss Susa´s SL said…
Love it :) I´ve been looking for a nice camera but with poses ;) great idea :)
thank you :)

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