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Heads Up - The Sky is Falling

While some things in our virtual world -- like content creation skills -- are improving daily, other things are not. This is a short post to alert other content creators that things may be amiss in your shops. In the last two days I have had various problems in various sims with database rollback issues and things even more bizarre. Since we don't know there is a problem until someone reports it or until we find out by accident, we can easily be selling faulty merchandise or in some cases not being able to sell items at all.

Two nights ago scripts that I had made were working, but no other scripts -- such as my BAX boots, hair with resize etc. Yesterday someone wrote to let me know my Music for the Soul headphones were no longer buyable. And this morning I found landscape photos appearing in the FLOOR of the photo studio I have for sale. I have tiny shops with not much inventory. I can't imagine what could have gone wrong if I had more.

I know things like this have happened in the past, but not so much lately so it took me a bit off guard. I have fixed all the issues that have been reported or that I have found. If any of you that purchased a photo studio have found landscape photos currently sppearing in the floor, please contact me. If you don't know how to fix it, I'll send you a "working at the moment" copy :D. 

Good luck to us all!


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