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Fresh Air

Finally, I made it out into the world -- and what a world I found. It was a morning when the pieces fell into place and unexpected discoveries made everything right with the universe.

Freedom. Many of us crave it. Some of us have it. Solitude.  The quiet magic of nature. The caravan encampment is made by Grey Kurka of The Curious Prim and The Manor House. It is at home in the serene snowscape.

My outfit is a fitting one for this place. It is Selene Medieval Rogue by ~LACES&STEEL~ (review copy). I added this month's FREE boots from sf design. Both guys and gals versions are available as well as a folded over top version. Get them before month's end.

Style Notes:

Hair: Alli&Ali Elven Hunter Hair Darkbrown
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 6/br) dec VIP gift
Outfit: ~L&S~ Selene Medieval
Shoes: sf design shearling boots
Accessories: KOSH- the third eye necklace


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