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Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Will every gal at Phil's Place have these boots by midnight?  Most likely not, but YOU should. These are fantastic, almost free ($50 Friday) and the money goes to Haiti.  I normally wouldn't be posting about them since I am guessing everyone else will be also, but two of the feeds are down so getting the word out is a bit of a problem.  I am on the MIEL SOM list (those GREAT snowshoes!) and happily so. While I didn't agree with many of the Vain readers listings, I did agree (and voted for) a few of the winners. MIEL is indeed a great new shop.

I was set to TP over to The Mother Road to take these shots. Alas, it seems to be gone. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is just a temporary closing and not another sign of a great place disappearing. At least I have my photograph backdrop to rely on.  This photo reminds me to let you know that PhotoGraphique has relocated. So the cameras and photo studio et al can be found in a small open air shop at the beach. Also I read that Tiny Bird has a big sale going on. It is texture redoing time and some styles will be retired. So if you are a fan, check that out. This is Kissy, one of my favorites.

A last bit of news you may have missed is that BAX has updated both of the original Prestigue boots. Black styles now come in dark and shiny versions. Woot! White now includes choices for off white and a light pink. If you own either of these styles, zip on over to the store and find the update machine. Look for two green circles on a black stand. Put on your boots, touch one of the "ready" circles and get the updated version. I was so impressed!

Happy shopping!

Style notes:

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) dec VIP gift
Clothing: Solange Missy sweater in brown; *~Clothes Horse~* Sofia (Natural) Skinny Fit Pants brown (older - possibly NLA);
Accessories:  [Minge Ninja] Addict's Utility Belt - Resize Scripted  [Baubles] bangles (new release)

Poses by LAP.


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