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Fashion Shoot

Apologies if this hits the feeds twice; Blogger reverted it to draft and took it off my blog. Who knows what's up these days. Lots of issues.

There is lots of news over at Amarelo Manga . Mesh goodies galore! While not everything fit me (gotta love that picky mesh), many things did and I am going to show you a few of my favorites. At the top of the list are the Sarouel pants, these in tobacco. Now I admit that I had to work a bit to get these to fit me perfectly, but it was worth it. My waist was a bit too thick and not wide enough. Happily sliders took care of that. I added some of my favorite jewelry now in a folder called "casual ethnic" *wink* and some standby neutral wear; I have a great outfit.

I love rompers and my latest inventory cleaning ( I've made it into shoes now) left me with only one oldie, so this great mesh romper fills in for those departed.

It comes with both gold and silver belts. I will most likely add something more colorful and ethnic like the belt from a bikini I featured last week.

Poses by: Helamiyo (geometry set)

This is the Summer Tunic in orange over the Skirt Fall in blue.

Bracelets are from RH Engel Jewelry, one of the Southwestern bangles from some time ago.

There are some striking, dark blue jeans that fit me perfectly and some cute shorts, similar in style to the romper bottoms. So my summer wardrobe is underway.

Stop by the shop to see all the 

And I am really, really looking forward to summer!


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