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SL Home and Garden Expo - Funky Junk

For me, the best part of summer is working in the garden. Watching the plants grow and flower and fruit, seeing their progress and beauty gives me much joy. So when I opened this Shabby Garden Shed from Funky*Junk I was indeed in heaven. So many details, those special touches that make our virtual life seem more real, are included. This isn't light on your prim budget (well, of course it isn't) but if you have the land to support it, you can't go wrong. Put in a rocking chair and a few more personal touches inside and I could easily live here.

My outfit is an adaptation (I left off the skirt prims) of Paris METRO Couture: Artist Series Vasiliki Kappa Outfit. Thong (mine by WoE) not included.

There are butterflies out front and decor items inside too. So very cute and homey. The wheelbarrow is from The Domineaux Effect. I don't have an Expo SLURL, but the main shop is here. At only 3 prims it is a great outdoor addition. Edit: Found it. Home Expo 4 - 118, 94, 23).

And this is the Funky*Junk Matilda Hideaway, one cozy room with a lot of outdoor living area. Definitely my style!

The thing that impresses me most about Funky*Junk builds is that they all seem "friendly" and we can certainly use that!  Large builds are in evidence too should you need lots of bedrooms for kids and dogs, an office -- whatever. So stop by the expo and see all the goodness.

Pose by: Diesel Works


Peep Sideshow said…
Thank you so much for your posts on the Home & Garden Expo. I fought through the lag to visit the highlights you have shown. I'm sure I missed a lot of wonderful things, but I'm thrilled with at least seeing the items you showcased :)

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