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One Last Time

I have been over at the Home Expo for seven hours. Take out a bit of real life break time to water some plants and grab something to eat at my desk -- well you get the idea. RL floors are still on the agenda and I have two more sims to go.

My Recent folder is filled with landmarks and blogger gifts from various designers who were kind enough to offer goodies for those of us dropping by. I have seen some familiar stores that I thought had departed as well as some I hadn't thought about in ages. And then there are the new guys on the block. All good.

While on my travels this morning I received a group notecard from Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose. It is swansong time for LAP, this time apparently the last. There will be a sale going on until her final departure in June. So you have a couple of weeks or more if you have been eying something. It sounds like a happy exit, one going forward and not retreating and for that I am happy. Still, like Acha's retirement it is a melancholy time for me. I grew up on LAP poses, mostly freebies which were always plentiful and gratefully given. I won my first photo contest on LAP's Flickr. So lots of memories. My lead photo features a pose from 2010 and the one below is from 2009.They will be great reminders of happy days.

OK. Nostalgia time is over, I have two more sims to go.

What's with this? Why it is a very cute outdoor stage complete with lighting and props from IONIC. This is not a pose prop, but could certainly be a great outdoor decor item or a take it with you stage for a band. I really love it!

The house is not included but there are plenty of models to choose from.

I DO plan to change clothes eventually. So little time; so much to see.

Poses by: LAP


Dove Swanson said…
Thank you Chic! <3 You've always been a huge support and I always loved getting the notecards that said 'you've been featured..' - I will miss those! But thank you so much! <3

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