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Calling All Ancestors

A new pose prop from (*chanimations gives you the ability to call on ancestors long departed. Reaper of Lost Souls is the ninth in the Sourceress set. While this will not replace my personal favorite (Power of Word - Set 3), I SO love the colors and effects.

Before we move on to all the things this prop can do, please take note of my new mesh hair, SCYTHIA midnight from eXxEsS. This is one of two new releases, similar in style. SAGA is the same sleek long hair that drapes beautifully down the back but with what I think of as a "big hair" look. SAGA would be the style for you large gals that can carry it off. Both come in an extensive variety of colors.

The prop comes with staff and book, both transfer should you need to pass them along temporarily to a model. Poses as always are included singly as well as in a stand and multi-pose ball.

The prop has a variety of poses built in with kneels, stands and lunges included. Click the skull pile, book or staff to get a menu.

And if drama is your thing? Well here ya go!    LOVE this green. By clicking the rat (foreground left) you can access a menu with all sorts of lovely effects. This model let's you choose the size of the various parts as well as turn ghostly particles on and off. There are also three built in combos if you are not the type that likes to play.

My outfit is from EMO-tions, Nebula -- a recent release.

Poses by: (*chanimations


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