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Tea Anyone?

One of the most fun parts of blogging is discovery. Yesterday Anto sent over a pose and chair pack for the Ashraya Project.

Now, not so unusually, there was no landmark to the venue. Luckily I am getting fairly good at sleuthing and it didn't take me too long to find the two sim complex.  Off I went in search of the Chic Sit 2 prop chair.

Eight differently colored chairs (copy) plus the nine poses and mirrors individually, it is also lovely. The chair  lets you choose your pose of course and adjustments are available if needed. 

Yep, I DID bury that lead; find it here at the BehaviorBody booth.

There are some great sits (and leans) in this chair. Call it a prop or call it furniture, but be sure and check it out.

The venue itself is sleek and modern and definitely fun to shop in. With two sims full of high quality goods, there is bound to be something you need.

And now I am off for a little stroll to see what else I can find.

By the way, the teapot is NOT included with the chair. I was just having some fun!

Poses by: BehaviorBody


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