Going Goth

AD Creations Doll House is joining in the RMK Gothic SIM Bridal Fair which runs during the month of June. I am a bit early with the news but couldn't resist revisiting the Alchemy Immortalis build one more time.  You have a few more days to visit or revisit as the case may be.

The AD mesh outfit is called Kimono skull black and there is a similar with white accents. The hat is not rigged so I dipped it down very low ala  Marlene Dietrich.

I did add black leggings so that my legs wouldn't sneak through the pants. An alpha layer would have worked too. The outfit is very dramatic and crosses genres which I appreciate!

Before I get back to Alchemy Immortalis, I want to put in a plug for my friend Sami.

A few years ago Sami had a pose shop as part of her shopping complex, Samara Studios. Some of you old timers might remember that. I modeled there for awhile in my youth. Anyway, while she is retired now, she apparently is also a bit itchy to actually DO something in SL and so she started making shapes again.

This isn't outstanding news really *wink*, but it does get better. First off, she is selling her shapes for $10 with a store name of "$10 Shapes". Shapes are Mod, Copy, NT and include four bra sizes. Her newest addition to the mix is making some of the shapes conform to standard sizing guidelines for mesh.

Click for larger photo. 

I think this is a superb idea. Now any of us who try on lots of mesh outfits know that standard sizing doesn't solve all the problems. Even within a design line one can suddenly need a different size. And there are lots of measurements that are not addressed in standard sizing. But, it is a start.

The rest of the story goes like this. I had the new Patrice shape shown above because I am the official photographer for her vendor photos. NO, this is not a new sideline, just helping a friend out. I have a huge collection of great hair and poses as well as very nice skin and she does not. And really, investing in all of that for selling $10 shapes is not good business sense. Anyway, when I tried on the Kimono dress above, it didn't fit all that well. So I thought, "hey, let's see if this helps" as I switched to Patrice. And it did. It wasn't perfect, but a very big improvement over my tall and thin shape.  So, You can buy Patrice in world at the very tiny for now $10 Shapes shop.  OR see all that she has so far including a standard sizing pack on the Marketplace.

For those of you that rushed over to see the impressive Alchemy Immortalis build and wondered at all the empty vendor slots -- well some are now FILLED. Yeah! So a return trip is in order.

So far I do not see the build for sale and getting it all into a rez box and testing is no simple project, so that may or may not happen in time. Meanwhile, though, for all you builders out there, you can purchase the parts to make your own mountain to the sky at a very reasonable price. I didn't check the permissions so I am guessing that they are no transfer, but take a look.

Also available are some very pretty pillows that go with the RFL chair.

Hanging lanterns to match the floor models and a seating set are the other offerings.

Poses by: aDORKable and Nigotine