SL Home and Garden Expo - BoatHouse

The 5th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo opens soon.  Always a wonderful time with many of your favorite stores participating, this years roster looks fantastic. Happily IzzieBellah Hinterland  of BoatHouse (SLH&G location) sent over her items this morning. Happily for YOU as a sneak peak is in order; happily for me as I had no idea the SLH&G was happening so soon.

I can't show you everything of course, but there are two smallish houses filled with goodies.  This is the Waterfront Camp house. So cute and very homey. And if you use shadows the ambiance makes you feel good all over -- sun! The house is only 26 prims and I think it will look great on Lani's (my alt) beachfront lot. Lucky gal. She doesn't have enough prims for all the decor items but I am sure she will be thrilled *wink*.

The smaller Beach Hut features outdoor dining and a cozy atmosphere. Furniture comes with a variety of animations, both for gals and guys.

Very cute and perfect for low prim living, both houses can find a home on a beach, by a lake or even inside a forest surround way in the sky.

Most decor items are Transfer with the houses mod-copy.

So get ready to spruce up that living space -- or change over everything as a new season begins!