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A couple of days ago I posted this photo with new JANE attire telling you that there was more to the story. And indeed there is. The bunkhouse in the background is mine, but the pitchfork, wheelbarrow, haystack,  fence and ginger beer are all part of an outstanding animated prop from Sandry's -- yep it is Home Expo time once again.
I was so very very impressed with these props that I made a film using them all. It was great fun and I am happy to share my findings! The haystack animation goes on for-e-ver. I was amazed. It is so very long that I actually just hit the record button on my computer and went out to the kitchen *wink*. The nuances are superb so if you love props or have a country themed home or shop, be sure and check out things either at the Expo or at the Sandry's main shop.

View the three minute video with THIS LINK.  


Anonymous said…
What a wonderful video! I think I need to go visit Sandry's and do some shopping. Thanks for sharing!

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