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SL Home and Garden Expo - Kid's Stuff

The Expo isn't just about grown ups. Kids are covered too. Sway's kid bed [Aboard] is perfect for small-fry sailors. There are plenty of decor items in the pack. 

And if you need a kid friendly house, this one (Sway's House Summer 2012) is great. It even has a ladder that leads to a grass covered roof! How cool. It comes in two versions with a lower prim one being linked. The notecard said that the new viewer can now link phantom prims in with standard, saving prims. I had no idea, so I am a bit smarter. This ways in at 72.

InteriorAddiction has this very cute (and pink so both genders are covered in this post) "My First Outdoor Slumber Set". You can play Monopoly, a game which looks like it will have staying power of a century at least) while you drink you milk and nibble on cookies. There is a place for a friend of course.

When I was exploring on press day, I snapped this photo at MudHoney. So very nicely textured with lots of great details. Garden party anyone? THIS is kid sized while the other items shown are more adult friendly *wink*.

And if you like decals (and I do) stop by Wall Candy. Now I have no SLURL for Wall Candy, but if I remember correctly it is in a tiny booth. I couldn't find it when I went back to hunt, so here is the MAIN store landmark.

I almost forgot to tell you about this new release hair -- definitely NOT kid stuff!
This is EMO-tions TYRA in dark brown. Very sophisticated. My top is by SLC (previously featured) and my mini skirt is from JANE (older release). My earrings, sadly, are no longer available.

Poses by: LAP and the furniture


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