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No Strings Attached Hunt

I started the No Strings Attached hunt near the end as I often do. Happily the goodness was there and I will continue with the journey as time permits.  The prize object is a smallish doll texture on a transparent prim inside a cage. I suggest you join the group to get a list of stores with hints. Several stores in my meager sampling did NOT give out the landmarks to the next stop and that makes it pretty tough to continue :D. Be sure and check the blog for stores that aren't ready yet.

Here is a quick look at what I found.

Above, a mid length very full and beautifully textured dress from Adoness (52).

For the nature lovers, this Flutter Me Knot tattoo (shirt and pants type layers) from Orange Marmalade (53).

This pretty asymmetrical top, half gloves and pants are from WEIRD (55).

This flowering hat from Wretched Dollies (48) comes complete with circling butterfly!

Poses by: LAP who seems is retiring? I have a great collection of poses spanning the years.


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