Winding Down

It's been a wild week for the SL Home and Garden folks including the bloggers. This may or may not be my wrap up post. You just never know what might show up in those swan song days. My oh so artful photo shows both of the BoatHouse releases that started my personal adventure as well as the "Chill Out" lounger and drink set from Park Place. I could definitely be in the Caribbean in this shot. The lounger comes with a very nice collection of animations for both gals and guys and weighs in at three prims, so important when you are on a budget.

My beach attire is the Sunday Kini, a new release from Gwen Carillon Designs. The wrap skirt is mesh and comes in both sheer and opaque versions in standard sizings. The necklace is part of the set.

The mention of mesh forms a segue into my next topic, a revisitation of the [what next] Charolette release for the fair. I showed you the set and mentioned the great activities animations, but I failed to point out the great prim bargains that form the accessories. The pictures behind me are two prims -- not each, in total! The vase and flowers which I so love in each of the colors available are three.

While most items at the SLH&G are ready-made, there are a few shops that cater to builders. One is Katy's Kreations Sculpties. Now I am guessing that not all of the blogger's wandering through on press day stopped by Katy's. I mean if you don't build, this isn't at the top of your list of stops. But for those of us that did journey in, there were goodies and I was a happy gal. It has taken me a week, but I finally opened one of the sculpt review items and it is very nicely done and simple to use.

An example comes in the pack but I just plopped the sculpt map into the sculpt pane while choosing the appropriate stitching. A few adjustments and a texture and I have a very cute little tray to hold my drinks on my deck. The pack comes with a glass sculpt for a table top as well as a shadow texture. This would also make a very nice plant stand. Note to self: "make a plant stand". :D

Another supplier for content creators is Zwicked Textures. Aside from sponsoring a sim, you can choose from a huge assortment of texture sets with 50% of the sale going to RFL.

I was thrilled to add the review copy sets to my collection and was even more impressed to learn that Samantha Zwickel will be donated half of the value of the review sets to RFL. Wow! So while I almost never (well I honestly can't remember any time at all) paste in vendor photos, I am making an exception here.

I know a ton of content creators read this blog, so get out and search through some texture packs now that you have some breathing time!

Poses by: Pffiou and the lounger