In the Company of Friends

With so many hunts, gifts and lucky boards out there it is good to rely on friends for tips -- and in this case for photos. So here are a few more goodies that you might want to pick up this month.

On the left, this casual jeans and tank are the prize at [NN] Designs on the This is Totally Me Hunt.

On the right we have the top of a schoolgirl set from the lucky board at Sheep Door. There is a skirt that comes with this but it didn't work too well for Xi so she paired it with some hunt jeans from last month. There is a guy version of this school uniform on the boards also with some cool looking pants.

The previously featured boots from [NN] Designs size down really well even for tiny Xi. A very big hit with my friends, most have them or plan to get them. Smart folks!

This cute decor set featuring house plants and cleaning gear comes complete with chair for resting. It is a prize from Exquisite Eye Decorations on the TITMH. It is primmy  but great if you have the space.

This multi-pieced artist easel set with rug and paint buckets (not shown) is a gift from Butterflies on the Cookie Jar Hunt (not sure of the name). The various parts are separate so you can use just the easel and bench, or the rug, or paint cans etc. That is handy.