Checking In

Just checking in; not too much to share. I haven't been lazy, I've just been trying on lots of new releases that don't seem to fit.  I have even done some hunting.

Even the prettiest pictures can stay too long, so I wanted to change the top photo on The Blog. Here you have a very fun prop attachment from Juxtapose on the Cupcake War Hunt 2. There are two other versions in the pack, but this was by far my favorite.  I can't give a thumbs up to this hunt which I did about  half of. With no SLURLs on the blog and lots of stores missing or not ready, it was difficult to follow the train. And since most prizes featured cupcakes ... Well just not my kind of hunt.

I gave up when I reached a place with TONS of decoys. But just for fun or especially if you are a blogger that does a lot of skin posts, make a stop at Juxtapose and look for a cupcake as the prize object.

Thong by WoE.

Pose by: the Juxtapose cupcakes