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SL Home and Garden Expo - Serenity

While I appreciate color now and then, I am a big fan of neutrals. Most of my "go to" outfits feature grays and browns, tans and taupes. So while today's fashion shot might look like it is brought to you by the color yellow, that's just the sun. If I can't have it in the real world, I am surely going to have it in SL. Thank you Windlight sliders!

The immanently useful standing shelf in the background is from Tranquility Way Station, part of the Brentwood Living Room Set. But before I show more of the retro in tans grouping, let's get to the fashion section of this post. Both the mesh leather pants and this very nice mesh Crocodile Travel Bag hale from [Amarelo Manga].The very cute summertime vest (only very brave gals will wear this without a bra *wink*) is one of several styles available from  Secrets on the marketplace. Five standard sizes are included. I am wearing small.

This is part of the TWS Brentwood set in tan. I particularly like the hassock; I already have a plain tan one so now it has a friend. Yeah!  The lamps are especially nice as they not only have on and off, but have levels of lighting so you can choose what you need for your mood.

For info on the house from Funky*Junk see last eve's post. 

It was rewarding to see stores that I had visited in my youth showing at the Expo. I found buddhabeats at the ends of the earth so to speak, and very happy that I did!  The pond comes complete with lovely swimming koi. It would look at home in the forest or the beach. I added a poseball so that I could enjoy the serenity in comfort.

There is a RFL hunt going on at the Expo. You can pick up a notecard with a list of participating merchants here. This is not a free hunt but your lindens go to a good cause. The desk and chair including four poses / animations is the prize from Clutter.  Definitely relaxing with my feet up.

A house isn't a home without some flowers. Stop by [CIRCA] and choose from a large collection of prim flowers. There are plenty of styles to suit your decor.

One last note and I am definitely taking some time off.

Here is the music for the day at the Expo:

Monday, May 21

Sim 2–6 pm   Ganjo Mokeev
Sim 2–7 pm   Phemie Alcott
Sim 2–8 pm   Kellee Blaylock

Sim 5–4-6 pm DJ Mac Ronas

Sim 8–8 pm   DJ JL Zinner

DJs on Main Stage:

3 pm:         DJ bball Braveheart
5 pm:         DJ Jennie Republic


Poses by: aDORKable and the furniture


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