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A quick morning update on the Men Only Hunt 2 finds big improvements, yeah!

Lots of guys out hunting and many of them new, and I do mean really, really new *wink*. So I am guessing this hunt made it to the destination guide. Good for the organizers. And, a big gold star to those same organizers who NOW have the names of the stores by the hints in the SLURL list. That helps immensely. 

As you can see not everything is really ONLY for guys. I do admit that I had to adjust my shape a bit for these great pants from n-creation to fit. Same actually for Chav (below). The new guys  that I spied out hunting will not find these working for them. Short, chunky folks need not apply. But really, really nice jeans from one of my favorite stores? I am a happy gal.  My bracelet is an oldie, also from n-creation -- not a plan, just part of an often worn outfit I had on when I started this post.

Also, for those of you still in home and garden mode, I spotted some prefab vendors on my way to the clothes store. So if you have always loved the n-creation build, you can have something similar. This may not be a new addition; I hadn't visited in awhile. Still, good to know.

Poses by: Diesel Works, Vista Animations


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