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SL Home and Garden Expo - reBourne

It is press day at the SL Home and Garden Expo. I have been strolling about taking photos and making landmarks for three hours now. I plan to do the whole expo and that is a lot. I am about half way through the sims at this point with some wonderful finds and lots of beauty to pass along to you. But on my journey I came across this exceptional build and I wanted to share it right away. Then too, I really needed a break; my virtual feet are beginning to get blisters.

From the group conversations it sounded like lots of bloggers were heading toward their favorite shops. Nothing wrong with that, but this year I wanted to make sure I saw it all and hopefully along the way find some new favorites. Well HERE you are *wink*. This is the reBourne dome home (ground version - which has me thinking there must be a skybox version lurking somewhere about). Not only is it spectacular, it is set on lovely grounds with trees -- as I check my inspect logs -- from the same builder. Oh my!

I decided to explore the expo at night this time and made an appropriate evening setting that had lots of shadows. It is quite magical and I am enjoying myself immensely.

A little birdie who should be in the know told me that there will be a 24 hour sale this weekend at the official release, so join the reBourne group to stay in the loop if this looks like a place you could be happy in. That is a quote from an old realtor friend. If I had the space and the prims, I could definitely be happy here. So very pretty.

Outfit from Graffitiwear -- a new release; scroll back in the archives.

Poses by: Vista Animations and aDORKable


Anonymous said…
Wow, what a house! I'll make space and free up some prime for that one.

Dojiba Sabra
Everything is possible in modern design and technology so he came up with that stuff.

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