SL Home and Garden Expo - The Big Stuff

One of the most impressive buildings at the current Home and Garden Expo is from Alchemy Immortalis. Somewhere between shrine and home it is both intimate and grand, reaching towards the stars. I returned this morning to see if the vendor was in evidence, but not yet. Then again, I am on the mailing list so I guess I'll know when it is available. Inspiring is a good description.

Click the collage for a larger photo.

There is something for just about everyone in the home realm.  Cozy cottages, period homes, castles, beachside retreats -- it is all there.  These are just a few examples. Some exceptionally nice builds were just too difficult to photograph because of close quarters. And we all know I love "pretty" pictures.

Tether's End
Barnesworth Anubis
Creative Fantasy Home and Garden
Rustica (don't miss picking up the free mesh statue shown in the foreground; very nice!)
Mac Shoreman Homes