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Summer Sizzle

Can you feel the heat?  I can!  Many of you already know about the RFL outdoor bed from Trompe Loeil at the Home Expo. But did you know that all the pieces change colors? Most of the posts I have seen have been blue *smile* and that may just be a favorite color thing. But if you are more into warm tones and prints, they are there too. Click to cycle through the colors.

My swim set in sizzling pink was a Mother's Day gift from Paris Metro. I found it in the archives of a new to me blogger group, so this isn't timely. Still, you might want to pop over and see if it is still around. The bead belt is especially cute and sunglasses are included. My fuchsia Maxine wedges from Baiastice coordinate nicely!

The Beachside Bed has couples poses in the couch / bed and single sits for the deck (click sit on the bench). The deck area is separate from the daybed so you could use that piece on its own (18 equivalents).

A big set of mesh palms are also RFL items.

Click the photo for larger picture.

Poses by: Poise aDORKable and Diesel Works

What you have probably NOT seen yet are the first releases of exclusive SLH&G items. There will be more coming out during the week, so drop by the all mesh Dreamseeker Expo 4 sim to see all the newness as it arrives at Trompe Loeil . This Tropical Rope Hammock comes with palm trees and has touch to change pillows that match the Beachside Bed.

And if you want to lounge in those rays, what better way than in this Scoop Bed.

There are various colors of wicker to choose from and the pillows and mattress change colors on touch.

Click for a larger photo.


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