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This week's new shape from $10 Shapes is Robbie and all I can say is wow!  At 6 feet 6 inches she is working her way into model territory and the word sultry comes to mind.  You can also purchase on the Marketplace.

Shown here with last week's new release from EMO-tions, Demonica, Robbie conforms to standard sizing S which gives you a better chance at a good fit. Curious, I tried on some mesh garments and some fit perfectly as an "S" some did not, some needed an "M". If you wear a lot of mesh, you know how it goes. Still she is quite lovely. I used a skin from Soulglitter -- *Soulglitter* Skin Lea naturelle smoky eyes as well as blue-black eyes from the same shop. This is part of an avatar pack which includes various shapes, an AO and some PHYSICS for -- it seems -- how much you want your breast to bounce. I had never seen that icon before and so it is a bit of a mystery to me. Being a pretty breastless gal, I didn't worry about it, but still -- interesting.

Lea is free (refund) for 48 hours on the marketplace. There are lots of versions of skin and prim eyes included. This is an especially good deal if you are new or if your alt is in need of a makeover :D. The shapes that come with the Lea pack are no mod.

And here is the Robbie vendor close up with Akeruka Alba skin.

My hair in the lead photo is Raina from Alli&Ali.


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