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I have a RL friend who reads this blog daily. She hasn't been in SL for -- well years, and most likely has no idea what her login is *wink*, but she keeps abreast of the improvements in Second Life through what she calls "The Blog".

This is post number 2501 which means that I get to change the number in my sidebar. Did I ever expect to write all these entries when I started "The Blog"? Not in my wildest dreams. Milestones are interesting. They give us a point in time to look back and to look forward. Why have I posted over 2500 times? The answer is pretty simple. I love to take pictures and I love the fact that these days I get some of the very best items that SL has to offer as my backdrops or attire.

I am a happy gal and while I am pretty sure I am not going to update the sidebar number until I reach 3000, I am also pretty sure that I will get there.

So much for philosophy -- here's the scoop on the gorgeous background in my lead photo.

The songo garden and furniture sets (separate items) are the COLLABOR88 items from [BA] otherwise known as Barnesworth Anubis. As I check his profile I note that he is 7 years and 10 months old. Now THAT is longevity! 

The walled garden patio is extremely impressive and I almost gasp when I rezzed it in the moonlight. The shadows! Yeah!  There is a furniture pack that includes chairs and loungers and a couch as well as an inspiring hanging candelabra, umbrella, trees in planters -- oh my.

You can see the display model here.  And here is what you need to know statistic-wise:

    Prim Count:175 prims     
    Foot Print size: skybox: 42x28 meters
    Height*: about 18 meters
    Permissions:   copy, modify, no transfer (prims)

    Scripted Features:

           Gates can be locked and unlocked by the owner
           Gates can be latched and unlatched open
    Users can be added to access list via notecard

Poses by: Vista Animations and the furniture

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    # by Arya Braveheart - May 10, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    Congratulations, Chic. I love your blog too. You inspired me to start and I love it too.