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I started out my day thinking that I would give you a preview of the Men Only Hunt 2. I did TRY to do that, but honestly they aren't quite ready for us. Lots of grumbling going on as guys stood around forever looking for ipods that weren't really out yet. Reports on the official blog warn of this (and empty ipods). And having only SLURLs from the blog (no landmarks in the prizes) isn't handy when you get dumped in the middle of a shopping district and don't know what store you are even looking for.

I did find a couple of prizes but being mesh they didn't fit. I am sure there are some good things on this hunt, but patience will be needed. SO, today's post is brought to you by hair and poses. Chav's hair (that's me remember in guy form) is the new Troy from EMO-tions, just out today. Lani's (and you thought that was me in pale skin I bet) is the famous Wasabi Pills, Shiori style from Culture Shock.

This cute couples pose, a static dance duo is from Diesel Works. It is called Groove and is a group gift.

And now I am going to get back to myself and let Lani do the same. This has been way to weird for me. Have a fun weekend!

Pose by: Diesel Works


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