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Heading towards June

As you may have noticed, I took today off. But that doesn't mean I wasn't paying attention :D. So here are a couple of thoughts about the state of the blogging community.

First of all, a big thank you to all the designers that send me what I think of as "goodies". These are the guys that have their own blogger groups and especially those that send out review copies from time to time MANUALLY. You know what manually means? It means that they actually thought about who they wanted to send their designs too. I really do appreciate being on your lists.

Secondly, the feeds seem to be in a very messy state of late. Many are not "feeding". It is obvious that someone must have posted SOMETHING between when I check in the morning and mid afternoon. Some aren't even accessible. I am giving those in seemingly dire straights some time and then if they don't show back up deleting them from my sidebar. It is likely that the owners of the feeds aren't the problem, but keeping on top of things is always good.

And thirdly, and this with thoughts of events coming up in the future (Hair Fair, yeah!) -- Bloggers, if you don't have the time to actually BLOG an event then signing up as press is actually a lie. And blogging six hours shortly before an event ends DOESN'T COUNT!!!! So think about that before you ask to be on an early entry or blogger review copy list. Some of us work mighty hard to publicize worthwhile venues. Think about commitment; it is a good noun.

One last thing. Awhile ago someone posted about a "pay it forward" challenge. I didn't opt in at the time,  but I would like to send out a special thanks to Chandra, who in actually is my only designer friend (well there is Sami but she is a friend who happens to design :D). Chandra and I met long ago when I spent most of the day grabbing goodies from her Lucky Christmas boxes and over the years we have kept in touch. We chat about mostly nonsensical things, but it is nice to know that there is someone out there in the ethers that you will never meet but still feel connected to. And how many folks have friends who actually makes a whole outfit for the color "patriarch"? LOL.

That's it. Back soon.


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