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Glorious Grunge

It is a perfect, clear morning in the city. With lots of great new items to show, let's get to it!

First up are these fantastic boots from [NN] Designs on the Face Your Phobia Hunt (dollarbie). Look for a big (by insect standards) spider (Yikes!) to pick up these winners. They come in two sizes with this being the smaller for average sized guys. They are however manual mod so resizing to gal size works just fine. Now this is a prize from a PHOBIA hunt and there ARE spiders crawling on the boots. Should you not love spiders (Chic raises hand) you can move the spiders inside the boots with some quick editing. They will still be there of course. Repeat after me, "face your phobia, face your phobia".

Super, super boots! These are a version of the NEW color change variety out in the store. Those come sans spiders *wink*.

Also in my "I just love it!" category is this scaffold pose prop from STaTUs at Culture Shock.  This comes in two versions with one being for gals. Lots of poses are in the mix via menu. I couldn't find any adjustment options but the poses seem to fit most average sized avatars well. The prop is only two prims and looks very much at home in a grungy city environment.

Also for the guys from Akeruka at Culture Shock, a special version of the Antonio skin. The pale toned skin comes with tattoos for hair, eyeliner (shown) or both. There is a skin that includes hair also.

Poses by: STaTUs


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