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Shocking - You Betcha

Amazingly Lani was one of the first visitors to Culture Shock this afternoon. It wasn't a big plan. She had just returned home and was looking at the feeds (or the typist was anyway). Now and then I would click to see if the sim was open using the link to STaTUs from my post this morning. And that may have been the trick, I know not. Anyway she ended up in the shopping district and proceeded to patiently let her surroundings rez while camming around. No point in trying to move.

Actually it wasn't all that laggy, probably because there was a script police at the TP point. Being a good girl, she changed into her Fantasy Fair anti lag outfit and explored the sim with her camera. Lots of very impressive things to spend your money on, a few gifts and NEW MESH HAIR. Now for those of you who don't remember what Lani actually "looks" like *wink* -- this is not it. The Wasabi Pills donation hair that she fell in love with didn't fit her head, So she tried out a new shape from a friend's new store, made a few alterations and she had a fit. Well, when you aren't married to your shape it IS easier.

So after a couple of hours, here is my new alt or at least her new look. I am not sure if she will stay this way; I kind of like the chubby, gray haired gal. Maybe she can be a chameleon. While you are at Culture Shock, be sure and find the immensely cute pencil necklace from Apple May Designs. I just love it! The cropped cardigan is a gift from  Uni Cherry and the clutch bag from ALEIDA. It looked like there were lots of folks buying, especially from the donation vendors -- so that is a good thing for Doctors Without Borders.

It didn't take long for Lani to feel uncomfortable in her new mode so she is now somewhere between her old look and the new and that is working :D. 

Pose by: aDORKable


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