Lacy Goodness

Finally a fashion post? Yep, you got it. Graffitiwear has lots of cute new releases just out including this very nice lacy top, perfect for summer. The jeans with some unusual folded cuffs as well as the jewelry all hale from Chalice Piers shop.

And then there is my hair. Alli&Ali are having a sale this month with 70 hairs on sale at extremely good prices. I have a box full and I didn't get far before I found this Cele in Nougat. So cute!  Kinda sassy and formal at the same time; definitely an uptown do that shows off earrings beautifully.

I also thought you might like to see more of the BoatHouse goodies from my previous post. Lani had about 150 prims at her disposal and so being a great big sister (or whatever) I helped her out with a new look. The house works beautifully at the beach and while we couldn't keep all the wonderful items you can choose from at the SL House and Garden exhibit, I picked my favorites and let her fill in with some of her own items. This is a mix of decor pieces from the two house. A wonderful new look for summer. See the previous post for more info.

Poses by: aDORKable and the furniture